MY Make Along 2019: meet the sponsors

B Glass

Recycled window glass to one of a kind jewelry

B Glass bcn jewelry is about sustainability and love for the handcrafted unique object. My passion is to paint, and using recycled glass as canvas for my art is just as fascinating as it is challenging. I like to think that each little glass cabochon carries within lost stories from the past, stories that live on as pieces of jewelry, giving the glass a new meaning and a new life.

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making people happy one item at a time

Hello! I am Natasha from Zoownatas. I am a maker and a designer, with love for small things and a desire to make people happy. As long as I remember I was always crafting and nowadays I am working on transforming this passion into a business. It is still small, but I enjoy my work a lot and I hope that you will also!

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Beyond Measure

treasure trove of beautiful goods

Beyond Measure is a treasure trove of beautiful goods for those who love textiles and needlecrafts. All the goods are personally selected or commissioned by the founder, Grace Whowell, with focus on quality of materials and manufacture. Here you will find the perfect tools and gifts for yourself or those who share your love of beautiful things.

Find Grace and her treasures online and on social media!

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Purl Soho

A fresh approach to traditional fiber arts

With its fresh approach to traditional fiber arts, Purl Soho is a much-loved resource for natural fibers, beautiful supplies, and modern design. In NYC and online at, customers from all over the world visit for Purl Soho brand products and inspiration!

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short description

My name is Julia and I'm the owner of online yarn shop Azuleta, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is our cozy and much loved family business: my husband, my mother and even my baby daughter help me to run it. 

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Hart&Ziel Design

Handmade with love, porcelain and 100% heart&soul!

Hi! I am Fiona, a jewelry designer and -maker from the Netherlands. After a few years working as a potter I started my own business called hart&ziel design (Dutch for heart&soul design). I design and create porcelain jewelry.

I create small stories in porcelain. It’s all about the love for small details that make life just that little more beautiful. You can admire Fiona's work on her website and her Instagram!

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Yarn and fabric from Portugal

Serafina is a online yarn and fabric shop created by Paula Spranger and based in Portugal. At Serafina we have a carefully chosen selection of natural fibers and beautiful accessories. Paula first plant dyed fabric when she was 11 years old, using flowers from her family's apartment balcony in Lisbon. That was in the 80's and it took a while for her to rediscover that passion.
Paula has her plant dying studio in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve, where she dyes wool and sometimes fabric, with plants from her garden and also with natural pigments from other corners of the world.

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An Caitín Beag

Knitterly and jewellery

I've been making silver jewellery for a long time now, and knitting for even longer. I'm combining these by making amazing knitterly (and some not-so-knitterly) jewellery and accessories - and an ever-expanding collection of other crafty bits.

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The Blue Rabbit House

combining crafts with illustration

I am Eva and i am the illustrator and maker behind the label The Blue Rabbit House. I live and work in Antwerp, Belgium. As fauna and flora are my main source of inspiration, it came naturally to use ecofriendly and sustainable materials. All my bags are 100% vegan friendly.

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