Why wool

Read all about what makes wool such an amazing natural fiber and about what makes our wool special.

- Wool is a natural fiber that can absorb 30% of its own weight in water without feeling wet. And not only that: wool generates heat when absorbing moisture. Imagine that you are outside in a beautiful winter day, playing with snow. Those wool mittens will get wet but you will not feel the cold and actually your hands will stay warm. Isn’t that wonderful?

- Wool is great at insulating and regulating temperature. It also breathes. This means that you will not overheat under a wool blanket, but the wool will absorb humidity and by evaporation will keep the temperature nice and stable.

- Wool is biodegradable. Yes, that’s right, you could use wool in your garden compost and it will disintegrate and transform into nourishment for your plants!

- Wool is naturally anti-static. Great news for pet owners who struggle with the army of hairs that their pets can shed!

- Wool is naturally flame-retardant and will not catch fire as easily as other fibers.

- Wool has great odor control characteristics. That’s because wool is very good at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air. This is one reason why wool diapers can be used many times without being washed.

Our wool has all the above qualities and something extra: it is produced without using harsh toxic chemicals. We discard the vegetal matter from the fleece manually and mechanically and clean the wool with water at different temperatures and mild eco-friendly detergents. 

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