How to take care of wool

Wool is a wonderful material: treat it with care and you will enjoy your garments for a very long time.

Use a pH neutral washing product, such as basic soap flakes, shampoo or even dish-wash liquid. This is especially important when you wash natural dyed wool because the colors can be very sensitive to the change in pH!.  Dissolve the washing product in hot water then add cold water. When your hand can bear the water temperature you are ready to wash.

Gently immerse your wool garment in the water. Do not rub, but wash by lifting the garment in and out of the soap water.

If you wash natural wool or wool dyed with synthetic dyes, drain the soap water and prepare a rinsing solution: use water at the same temperature as the washing water was and add some white vinegar. Vinegar will help remove the soap from the wool and will leave it feeling softer. Repeat lifting the garment in and out the vinegar water. Drain the vinegar water and rinse gently until the vinegar is out. Squeeze gently the water out of the garment – never wring it!

If you wash natural dyed wool, drain the soap water and rinse the wool only in water, without adding white vinegar (vinegar is an acidic substance and can modify the colors!).

Lay flat the garment on a towel and roll the towel, pressing gently the water out of your garment. Repeat with dry towel if needed. 

Place the garment on a flat surface away from direct sunlight. Bring the garment into the desired shape and wait patiently to dry. Using a fan will speed up the process. 


Wool does not like to be temperature shocked: use water at room temperature both for washing and for rinsing!

Moths are the number one enemy to wool. Protect your garments with herbs satchels filled with rosemary, lavender, lovage or other moth repellent plants! Need inspiration? Read our tutorial for making basic herb satchels!

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