Holla TomBabe x Moeke Yarns: a manifesto

„I prefer the rather old and battered, things with character, to the brand new.“

Rick Allen

Things with character. Yarn with character. Patterns with character. That is what I always wanted Moeke Yarns to stand for. And I believe that we succeeded in doing that. And the collaboration with Holla TomBabe is the perfect way of visually showing you what I mean.

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MY crowdfunding campaign insights


Something I promised for a long time – to share with you my insights into setting up a crowdfunding campaign by myself (that is, without the help of a specialized agency). Well, here it goes!

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9 days left ...


You know, when you set up a crowdfunding campaign the most important obstacle that needs to be dealt with is insecurity. I was thinking about this campaign since our second year when I realized that growing will be impossible without a solid infrastructure. But I did not dare to do anything. I did not feel confident enough that I can set up the campaign alone (and who has money to pay consultants???) and also, I was not confident that this project will attract much support and reach its goal. I mean... there are so many interesting projects and passionate people who are doing amazing things! And we are so small! So, I postponed as much as possible, tried to pay for the developments that we needed by ourselves without help from outside. The house was bought, we started renovating it.

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